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What is Synthetic Turf?



Artificial or Synthetic Turf is a safe, inorganic, and low maintenance solution to all your greenery and landscaping concerns. It is made from 100% recycled plastics that are precisely dyed to have the appearance of many different colors and varieties of natural grass options. The plastic fibers are woven onto a porous backing so pooling, flooding, and any other irrigation concerns are thoroughly addressed. Requiring no chemicals or pesticides, turf is entirely safe for people, pets, and the environment. Due to its artificial property synthetic turf does not fade or degrade over time, boasting a conservative lifespan of 15 - 20 years. Whatever difficulties you may have with natural grass, Synthetic Turf is your answer!

Why Do I Need Turf?


Tired of looking at "dead" or "patchy" grass littering your back yard or front lawn? Do you spend hours every weekend maintaining your yard instead of spending it with family or friends enjoying it? Are you tired of kids or pets tracking dirt and mud into your house? 


...If you answered YES to any of these questions - Synthetic turf is the solution to your yard troubles.

Synthetic turf looks great year round, has color vibrancy that won't fade or degrade, and is kid and pet friendly!

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